Online Surveys Sites That Pay Cash: Paid Survey Tips

Online Surveys That Pay Cash- Looking for tips on how to make money through paid surveys? Tired of earning little via surveys? Looking for Paid surveys tips? Here, is a step by step guide on how make money doing online surveys. So, if you are searching for tips on how to earn big doing surveys, you have come to the right place!

I have received a lot of email and messages from my blogs visitors asking me if it is possible to make money online doing surveys and how much is one capable of making per day or month doing surveys. Well, the answer is yes, you can make money online through surveys and you are capable of making a lot of money depending on how much effort you put into it.

Why You Get Paid To Take Surveys.

Companies and business organization need information about their consumers’ choices or tastes in order to improve their products and services. And government also need to know the opinion of the people they govern on particular issues such as political, social and economical in order to improve their standard of living politically, economically and socially.

Knowing fully well that they cannot reach out a wide range of people to fill out surveys freely they resorted to using incentives such as money, gift cards, entry into sweepstakes in order to motivate and attract large number of participants through compensating them for their times.

This is done through research companies. It is the companies responsible for gathering statistical information on various issues and then sell them out to the appropriate departments and also pay survey participants from the money they made.

It is a win win for all. Government and business organization receive information that help improve their products and services. The research companies make money by selling out the info while survey participants make money by filling out surveys.

How to Answer Surveys

There is no special way of doing surveys, just make sure to fill out the question truthfully and thoughtfully. Don’t try to rush any survey and don’t try to be partial in your answers. Some surveys take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete, make sure to click the submit on or after 15 – 20 minutes to avoid suspicions.

How to make online money doing surveys

To make good money online doing surveys you must take note of the following tips:

Join as many surveys companies as possible. And keep the details information about each survey site on a spread sheet. Make sure to use different email address on each website during registrations and fill out surveys daily on each. You may download Roboform at It is a software that fills out surveys automatically with just a click of hand.

Join only survey companies that offer real cash for surveys. Although gift card and other incentives are okay but if you really wants to make it big online doing surveys you have to join as many survey companies as possible that pay real money so you can be able to offset your expenses and pay your debts as well.

Make use of their referral programs. Referral program is one of the best ways to make money with surveys. I have seen people making up to $1000 on referrals. If you can get lot of referrals then the sky is your limit! You may visit for 50 amazing ways you can get referrals for your paid survey sites.

Always check your email daily. There are some survey companies that send survey invitations through email when there is availability of surveys. Checking your email regularly will make you avoid missing out on any survey invitation.

Open an online payment processor such as paypal to be able to receive payments when you reach the minimum cashout. You may also need to give out your real residential address to survey companies that send out payments through check only.

The Best Place to money online doing surveys

Although there are so many survey companies that claim to pay for surveys a very few number of them actually pay and pay well. Below are the lists of the legitimate and well paying survey companies.

Cashcrate is a paid online survey company where you are paid real cash for doing surveys with them online. The payment method are Direct bank deposit, Paypal, Check. Although they pay between $0.5 to $1 per survey. They have lot of surveys that can earn you more than $200 per month.

Surveysavvy is also a popular place people can make money online doing surveys. They pay via check and their surveys are based on invitations through email. Make sure to fill your profile with correct info and check your email daily for survey invitation.

You may click and visit for more lists of places you can make money online doing surveys.

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