GPT Sites That Pay By Check (Cheque) By Mail Online

GPT Sites That Pay By Check

GPT Sites That Pay By Check

GPT Sites that pay by Check (Cheque).  Check is one of the oldest means of payments popular and generally used by reward sites to pay their members and has been consistently used to date. Although majority of the gpt sites do not pay by check anymore since lots of members prefer getting their payments earlier and do not want to wait for weeks for the check arrives in the mail.

Here we shall take a close to look at all the gpt sites that pay by check, not just gpt sites that pay through check but also the popular ones in the industry. If you are looking for all the gpt sites that still pay by check, this post has got you covered.

What is Check?

A check is known as a written, dated as well as signed instrument which contains an unconditional order from the drawer that directs  his or a bank to pay a certain amount of money to a payee or bearer. The money is usually drawn from a banking account, which is also regarded as a checking account.
In legal a term, a check is referred to as a bill of exchange, or a document that guarantees a certain sum of money, where the drawee is a bank. The usage of checks permits two or more individuals to make a monetary transaction without having to exchange currency; rather, the sum for which the check is written is a exchange for physical currency of the same amount of money.

Whenever  a person writes a check for a sum that is larger than the amount that is held in his or her bank account, the check may bounce, which means the check cannot be processed and this usually incurs a penalty fee to the drawer.

The Modern substitutes for checks include debit, credit cards, bank wire transfers, as well as Internet banking.

Check is spelled as “cheque” in some parts of the world. Especially the British English speaking nations.

Components of Checks

Although not all checks look the same, they all share the same basic components. The name and contact details of the drawer, or the person that writes the check, can be found in the top corner of the check, and also the name of the bank that holds the drawer’s account appears on the check too. The center of the check has a line to identify the payee, or the recipient of the money, and also the amount to be paid. The check needs to be signed by the drawer in order to be considered a valid check.

Kinds of Checks

Checks are used for several different reasons. One of the example is a certified check, which pre-verifies that the drawer’s account has sufficient funds to honor the sum of the check. In addition, this kind of check is guaranteed not to bounce. A cashier’s check is usually guaranteed by the financial institution and signed by a bank cashier, and this means that the bank is fully responsible for the funds. This kind of check is often required in a large transactions which includes buying a car or house. Another instance is a payroll check, or paycheck, that an employer issues to compensate an employee for his or her job. In recent years, physical paychecks have paved way to direct bank deposit systems as well as other forms of electronic transfer.

History of Checks

Checks, as you may know, have been in existence for many years dated in ancient era. A lot of people believe that a form of Check was used among the then ancient Romans. While every separate culture to adopt a form of checks had its own system, but they all shared the same basic idea of substituting the check for a currency.

In 1717, the Bank of England was known as the first organization that issued pre-printed checks. The oldest American check is dated to the 1790s.

Modern checks as we all know these days became popular in 20th century. The use of Check surged in the 1950s as the check processing became automated and also machines were able to sort and clear the checks. Check cards, which were first created in 1960s, were the precursors to current debit cards. However, credit and debit cards as well as other forms of electronic payment have long overshadowed the use of checks as the dominant method of paying for goods and services. In fact, checks are now becoming quite uncommon.

GPT sites and Check

Athough we are no fans of check anymore since it takes time to arrive as well as Cashout. But the advantage of Check as a payment methods use by GPT sites cannot be over overemphasized. It can be used all over the world unlike online payment processors. It is easier to use Check to pay every member to any part of the globe since check is accepted all over the world.

GPT Sites That pay by Check: is one of the oldest gpt sites that pay by check. You will get your check as soon as you reached the minimum Cashout requirement which is set at $20.

Clixsense is another gpt site that pay through check and other numerous payments methods. You can make money by doing surveys, test products and services etc. The minimum check payment requirements is $10.

Mypoints is a popular website in survey world. It is more of survey only site. Check is the only payments method and the minimum Cashout requirement is set to $1. The lowest in the survey as well as GPT sites industry.

Swagbuckis one of the most popular gpt sites that pay by check. If you have been working online via gpt and have not heard of Swagbucks, then you have not been making enough money. Here you can make more than you can ever imagine if you are from USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Although some other European countries are welcome to use the site, the above mentioned nations have the potential of making the most money. is another gpt site that pay via Check. Here you can make money just by reading emails and doing surveys and whole lots of other things. The minimum requirements you needed to get your check is $20. is one of the oldest gpt sites that also pay by Check. The minimum requirements set for check is as little as $2. But we would advise you to wait until you earn more than that to request for  Cashout because it is not ideal for bank to process such little amount for money.

We shall always up update this post, so if you are looking for more GPT sites that pay by Check, make sure to check back in future.

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