How Will I Be Paid?
Answer: Cash paying companies usually pay into a PayPal account; this is a free, easy and secure way to receive money. Rewards like vouchers and gift certificates are usually sent direct to your email address.

How Much Can I Earn?
Answer: This really depends on you and how much time you wish to spend completing surveys, we do not claim that you will get rich doing this but it is a great way to earn extra money for that holiday you want or however you wish to use the cash.
A good tip to maximise the cash you earn is to sign-up to as many companies as possible so you can take the surveys that reward your time the most.

How Do Paid Surveys Work?
Answer: Big companies like to know how consumers and potential customers view them and things like their newest TV ad or latest products and services. This kind of feedback helps them to improve and as a thank you they offer rewards through survey companies. We help you to quickly sign up to the very best companies enabling you to get the most lucrative survey offers.

Can I Really Make Money Completing Surveys?
Answer: Yes and not only can you make cash you can also get vouchers from many of the top high street and online stores. In addition to this you can be asked to test new products for companies like Apple who often allow you to keep them.

How Many Surveys Do I Need To Complete?
Answer: It is completely up to you how many you complete; there is no minimum number or contract meaning you can easily fit completing surveys around your day to day life.

The number of surveys that are available to you can change based on things like age and gender so we recommend signing up to multiple companies so when you wish to complete a survey you will be able to.?

How Old You Have To Be To Complete Surveys?
Answer: The required age to complete surveys varies between the different research panels. The lowest age you can be to sign up is 13 years old. However, some of the panels available will have higher age restrictions such as 16 or 18.

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